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Testimonials for AC3Beats

  1. Chris M. says:

    AC3Beats delivers with the hottest tracks for the best prices. If you need a fresh beat without having to pay a fortune, this is where to get it. I will never buy from another producer again!

  2. Seven Fade says:

    As an independant artist here in So. Cal, I know it’s hard to filter out the quality producers from the one’s looking to get a quick buck off some low shelf beats. That is definately not the case here with AC3BEATS. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY every time with his work! Straight up bangers! Real recognize real, AC3BEATS is on his way to becoming a legend with the production concepts and versatlity he is able to bring. Most under-rated producer coming up in the game by far. My salutes bro, you already know.


  3. Edder says:

    What’s good bro, im feeling the beats, you put in mad work I can tell you dedicate on doing what you love doing. Go hard bro.

  4. ray says:

    how can get i the yg real nigga beat $25

  5. Virtue Osiris says:

    Yo I love your beats they slap straight up I wanna talk bizz hml 6467025149

  6. Sizzurp says:

    AC3 Beats slap the hardest, his hip hop and underground beats are too hard. Keep up the work bro

  7. Juan Rodriguez says:

    Yo man big fan of your work especially the beats you did on leather face with trizz cold im interested in that deal you postrd about leased mixtape of beats for 100 to 200 im all in just contact back

  8. C. Nell says:

    What’s good bredren. Just wanted to let you know I’m definitely trying to work with you asap on some upcoming projects. Hopefully we can link soon til then keep up the dope work. Peace n bless.

  9. Sto-ik The Poet says:

    A true prodigy; in every sense of the word. Quality-latent instrumentals are signature and the authenticity is simply unparalleled. By far the one of most talented producers to emerge from the West Coast in decades.

  10. Conscious says:

    Say bruh, whats good with that Chuuwee – By my lonesome?????

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