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"A true prodigy; in every sense of the word. Quality-latent instrumentals are signature and the authenticity is simply unparalleled. By far the one of most talented producers to emerge from the West Coast in decades." -Sto-ik The Poet

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AC3Beats, Born Christopher Deandre Williams is a Music Producer from Pomona, California. AC3 was influenced by many Hip Hop artist such as 2Pac, Big L, Biggie, Eminem, Snoop Dog, A Tribe Called Quest and much more growing up. At the age of 13, AC3 started making beats for fun with some friends on a game called “MTV Music Creator” on PS2. This game is what started it all. Over the years AC3 started making beats on his home computer and his skills improved gradually. He was inspired and learned from many producers such as J-Dilla, Madlib, Dr.Dre, Battlecat, and Dj Quik.

At the age of 18 he hooked up with a Southern Cali rapper named Trizz and made history. AC3 has produced for Trizz’s last 3 projects, Case 17, The Exorcist, and Written In Smoke. AC3 has also produced for many artist such as JayBlaq, Stevie Crooks, Brotha Lynch Hung, Aqualeo, Skoolie 300, Chuuwee, Angel Davanport and many artist in So-Cal. AC3 is currently working on Trizz’s upcoming album Written In Blood and Brotha Lynch Hung’s upcoming album Shooters. For more info on AC3Beats you can visit his social networks and stay updated!


AC3Beats delivers with the hottest tracks for the best prices. If you need a fresh beat without having to pay a fortune, this is where to get it. I will never buy from another producer again!

Chris M.

As an independant artist here in So. Cal, I know it’s hard to filter out the quality producers from the one’s looking to get a quick buck off some low shelf beats. That is definately not the case here with AC3BEATS. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY every time with his work! Straight up bangers! Real recognize real, AC3BEATS is on his way to becoming a legend with the production concepts and versatlity he is able to bring. Most under-rated producer coming up in the game by far. My salutes bro, you already know.

Seven Fade

AC3 Beats slap the hardest, his hip hop and underground beats are too hard. Keep up the work bro